About us

59sec core team:

Our core team was consolidated in the past 10 years. We worked day2day on various projects (some presented here), we are doing vacations together, we baptize our kids between us. One big happy family, steadily increasing. 🙂


(from left to right)

Manu – the parrot guy
Background: Project Manager Guru, all diplomas any PM could dream of. MBA in Lausanne. Ex-lawyer. The only team member based in Canada.

Ghita – the one eye pirate, from starring too much at Apple devices – CTO
Background: Drupal Core Developer, System Architect, Team Leader. Extensive experience in building large systems.

Jonny – Sword and pistol guy
Background: Guru Programmer. Period.

Noro (Constantin Ferseta) – the black pirate hat guy – Co-Founder, CEO 59sec – The guy to talk to.
Background: Previous experience as entrepreneur. One blown business (Romactiv SRL), in 2001, one successful online agency (Kuantero), since 2008, founder of the biggest educational NGO in Romania (StartEvo). Ex – Business Development Manager Neogen, Ex – Coca-Cola e-Marketing guy for Adriatic and Balkan Region. Huge experience as marketing, innovation, team managing, business development.

Doru – Red Bandana Guy
Background: Great Programmer, Php, iOS

Andras – 2 hooks
Background: Great Programmer. Php, Android (C++).

Alina – the mermaid – the founder, the financier, the muse 🙂 .
Background: Marketing. Ex-Marketing Manager Volksbank Romania, Founder of StartEvo (StartEvo is the NGO with the highest VIP support in Balkan area)

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