This Christmas, 59sec team is involved in helping sick & poor children :)

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59sec is doing some good this Christmas. Not only companies happier because we increase their conversion rate 🙂

Alina Ferseta, Constantin Ferseta & friends initiated 8 years ago a charity event for kids that have terminal cancer from Romania, called Special Christmas (Craciun Special). In 2011 we set StartEvo Association, it’s purpose being inspiration of teens to follow their dreams, through education. Of course, we used StartEvo as the vector for Special Christmas, so the results increased visible 🙂

During the years, we extended the amount of help also to kids with disabilities, kids from orphanages, kids from poor neighborhoods of Bucharest, so in 2013 we help in total 508 persons!

This year we hope to help more than 1000 people!

How does it work?
Step 1. Get donations: toys, clothes, food, money, basically anything!
Step 2. Make selections and wrap up the gifts.
Step 3. Dress volonteers as Santa Claus and send them to the families in need!

More details here (Sorry, only in Romanian) –

Yes, dear investors, we know that we’d supposed to focus on our startup, to make more users, traction, ARPU and stuff! But we’re still doing that. We do have some values that we are not making compromises. Helping those in need for Christmas is one of them 🙂

The rest of the team (Mihai, Doru, Andrei, Jonny, George, Vali, Manu) is working on 59sec as usual 🙂

Merry Christmas everybody! And do a good for somebody in need 🙂

Here are some images from the past editions of Special Christmas. 🙂


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