Marius Brinzea

“59sec” not only generated a highly increased conversion rate and boost my sales, but actually reshaped my customers experience with the brand. Engaging my clients with the right experts in the wright time and in the right channel (in order to close a deal) is more than a differentiation tactic, is every customer dream.
Transforming customers experience with my brand in a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE through this mobile app, 59sec, I call it a source of competitive advantage!

Marius Brinzea – Managing Partner Christian Morris Consultancy 5stars

Anne Marie Vaileanu

“We are using 59sec system for our group of companies: Jubile (halls for personal and business events), Jubile Catering (premium catering), The Barrel (downtown bar), Chefs.Experience (top experimental restaurant) for almost a year now.
We noticed that using your system was very useful for us: conversion rate increased and the potential clients are very nicely surprised when we are calling them back so fast. Also as a department, we are much more organized since we start using 59sec. 🙂
I highly recommend it to any company in the world that wants to make more money. Thank you 59sec!”

Anne Marie Vaileanu – Senior Sales Manager – Jubile 5stars

Sebastian Stefan

“Great idea, it brings real value to your business, once you have it all your sales leads become customers. “

Sebastian Stefan – Leader @ LoadMe and CEO @ GifterGrouper – 5stars


“59sec is an easy-to-use business tool that has improved my team’s response time! I’m instantly notified when we receive a new request for a quote, and can ensure one of our account managers connects with the potential client immediately. We’re able to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by providing top-notch customer service and responsiveness.”

Vigdis Eriksen – Founder & CEO @ Eriksen Translations Inc. 5stars


Adrian Stanescu

“Our company works in the private real-estate business, selling and renting high profile retail spaces, from high profile partners to high profile clients. 59sec gives us an edge on competition, showing to our clients and potential clients that we are extremely professionals and we can handle extremely fast all information requests and new leads. Event the selling process is a longer one, comparing with other industries, the first impression counts, and 59sec helps us achieve that GREAT impression 🙂 Highly recommended.”

Adrian Stanescu – Managing Partner @ Mats Romania – 5stars



“This tool rocks!
59sec.com is a brilliant, cost effective way of getting in touch with clients in a short time and starting to build the relationship. That translates into a more productive team and higher sales!
Within minutes, I had it installed. I’m exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!”

Elian I. – Project Manager, BSL Group, Italy – 5stars


Zoltan Lorencz
Super cool this application, 59sec!
Being a dinamic person and very well anchored in the technological reality, even I’m an artist, I’m doing everything possible to answer quickly to orders and to their execution. I like very much, it helps me a lot and I recommend to anybody wants to sell better. 🙂
Thank you, Constantin Ferseta!”

Zoltan Lorencz – The most famous photographer in Romania, aka “The Romanian VIP’s photographer”. 5stars



Serban Popa

“During the process of building our business, the solutions proposed by our partner (Kuantero) have always proved successful and extremely useful. 59sec helps us to be more closely to our clients in an extremely short time, and, in this way we can satisfy any demand in real time. 59sec application brought us a real benefit in communication and in the development of our business we find this application absolutely mandatory for a business that needs to answer promptly to any requests came from its consumers/clients.”

Serban Popa – CEO MOSA Romania (#1 player in delivering whipped cream and soda dispensers for HORECA) – 5stars

Mihai Nasaudean

“I’ve tested it, it looks good. Let’s support through feedback this initiative. I believe it will change to the better the performance marketing.”

Mihai Nasaudean – Owner GoodAfternoon (Top SEM Agency) – 5stars



“For 2 months now I am using 59sec (the plugin and the smartphone app) in order to manage the leads (orders and messages from clients) for my site. Because I am instantly notified on e-mail and phone I can answer now much quickly to these leads. Before using 59sec I was depending on the website’s platform but the messages were coming with a big delay.”

Alexandru Jalba – Owner Gifts Boutique – 5stars


Constantin Gozman's opinion on 59sec

“I did a test at your site and notification time was very short (a good thing 🙂 ).”

Constantin Gozman – CEO contabilitateromania.ro – 5stars

Dan Mateescu about 59sec

“Your CRM rulles. 🙂 It’s really useful. […] I called 10 persons. They all want to come (!!!), conversion 100%.”

Dan Mateescu – SanatateInCafea.ro – 5stars

59sec client


“Waww it’s a good plugin i will get it soon my friend keep going with this great work :D..Cheers”

charbel_haddad90 – 5stars

Iulian Craciun


“For 98% of the companies in this world, answering late is a way of life. And after that they are complaining that sales are “slim”. For me, 59sec helped me be more effective and have a great impact of my clients, answering fast… I admin, I do not answer as fast as I should, but still 59sec helped me improve the response time and also the conversion rate. I totally recommend it!”

Iulian Craciun – IT entrepreneur, StartEvo founder, politician. – 5stars


59sec client

“An incredible tool that made our work much more efficient. My conversion rate increased by 37% (and we still have to decrease the response time 🙂 )”

Lana Thompson – 5stars

Blogatu about 59sec

“59sec is an application extremely useful to any business. It doesn’t matter if you sell services or products, you find out immediately who wants to work with you or to buy the products you wish to sell. The difference between a simple push email and 59sec is huge in the benefit of the application, due to the business interface, to the quickness and fast interaction with the user.”

Calugaru Ovidiu Marius, BlogAwards.ro Founder – 5stars

59sec client

“Thank you 59seconds. I really love the sound when I make more money”

Jeff Stinger – 5stars

59sec client

“I believe this was one of the biggest ideas a sales guy could get. When I first heard about it, I was a little bit weary about the fact we can decrease our response time under 30 minutes. We used to had even 2 days response time and our conversion rate was not so good. But, I saw that impossible is nothing. I am really grateful for this occasion and we are using this tool each day. Strongly recommended!”

Elijah T. – 5stars

Corina Samfir

“I used 59sec for some time now. I am very excited about it’s efficiency. Actually, our clients are excited, even amazed, when we are calling them in just a few seconds. But wait, I just pressed ‘send’, how did you called me so fast? Thank you very much 59sec!”“

Corina Samfir – Founder @ Dental One Center5stars

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