TEST 59sec NOW!


(let’s say you are a mobile sales/support agent)


Install on your mobile device 59sec app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone
Enter this key (with copy-paste) in the 59sec mobile phone app, as a agent test user: biz1234


Step 2. Write something in this form, just like a normal client would. 

You should get a push notification on your mobile device/computer:

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Grab the lead, by pressing the green button “GRAB”.

You call the lead

You go to CRM, set status (new/followup/junk/…) and you can also write something there… If you choose followup, you’ll have to specify a date/hour when you will be reminded to do the followup 🙂



(let’s say you are a sales/support agent sitting in front of a computer)

Open the test back-end as an Agent. If you want the BOSS credentials to test, please contact us:

user: TestAgent@59sec.com
pass: 123456789

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