New developments for the cloud version

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We are happy to announce some more developments for the 59sec app.

  • Admin can choose how many times a lead is grabbed by different agents until it’s considered taken and will disappear from the “to do list”. Default value is 1, but, for some big clients that want to generate some competition between agents and for marketplaces, this feature is excellent.
  • Admin can choose which fields will be visible for the agents and which not, during each step: notifications, leads, CRM. For example, you can choose that the leads that are pushed to sales agents WILL NOT contain the contact details. Only the agents that actually grabbed the lead will see the details. This is useful also for marketplaces. 🙂
  • The list of leads can be structured by the contact forms that generated it or you can choose to see them chronologically.


More cool features, requested by clients, will follow soon.

Also, we will discontinue the 59sec plugin logic pretty soon, everything will build so it can use the cloud feature. The main reason is the lack of efficiency that is eating us alive mantaining the WordPress plugin with the countless combinations of server settings worldwide. The cloud version is much better for the client and for us.

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