Major 59sec release in progress!

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Hello all

This Friday we are doing a MAJOR update for 59sec PRO that you will love! 🙂

  • new iOS and Android App
  • new plugin version.

What is new:

  • INDIVIDUAL SECRET KEYS – each respondent in a company will have his/her own Secret Key. Until now, everybody had the same Secret Key, which posed some extra problems
  • UNLIMITED DOMAINS IN MOBILE APP – the serial entrepreneurs will rejoice, because on their mobile phones they can receive notifications from unlimited domains. Until now you could receive notifications but from 1 domain.
  • SINGLE SIGN ON – Once you will enter your own Secret Key in the 59sec app, you will be able to be logged in automatically in each domain, not being required to introduce again back-end user and password
  • TEAMS FEATURES – you can set up unlimited teams, that only members in those teams will receive notifications. For example, you can have teams like: New-York, LA, Boston, Dallas or Sales/Marketing/Technical… Until now, everybody received same notifications.
  • Various optimizations.

We’ll let you know when you can upgrade everything!

IMPORTANT! When you upgrade the mobile apps you will have to upgrade also the plugin (and viceversa), because new individuals secret keys are available and need to be introduced on mobile apps 🙂

***Share if you care! Thanks.

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