A. Technical Requirements
B. How to install 59sec on your site
C. iOS Installation
D. Android Installation



59sec Technical Requirements

compatible59sec works for ALL types of sites, no matter the platform!

30 Days Free TrialYou have 1 month to test the service (PRO and ENTERPRISE). After that, you’ll have to pay monthly a tiny fee to keep the license active.

phone-notificationsIf you want mobile notifications (which are really cool 🙂 ), you need to have an iOS (minimum 6.x), an Android or Windows Phone device. The notifications should be turned on, you’d need an internet connection on the phone.

android-iosSupported mobile devices are phones and tablets: iPhone/iPad – iOS 6.x up, Android 2.3.3 up, Windows Phone. You can download the 59sec mobile app from here: Appstore (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android)



Step 1. You fill out the registration form or call us.
Step 2. Immediately you have access to your 59sec account in the cloud. Now you need to make 4 settings (entry sources, users, notifications and other options) in 2-3 minutes:


From the menu, go to “Settings/Entry Sources” and create one for each form you have on your site.

For example, if you have a form on the contact page, 2 forms on landing pages and 1 in the footer everywhere on the site, you’ll have to create 4 entry sources.

You will get a small js that needs to be inserted in the footer of the page, in the html source, just before tag.

2.2. USERS

There are 2 types of users in 59sec: Sales Agents and Bosses (aka Administrators).
Sales agents have limited access: leads, CRM, statistics. No access to settings. Bosses have full access.
Add the name of the agent, his/her email address and you will get a unique id (a password). Send this code + the user/password combination ONLY to that agent via email and instruct him to connect the 59sec mobile app from his phone to the site. Some agents prefer to use 59sec only from mobile, others only from computer, some both.


Default, if you have the “LEADS TO BE ANSWERED” page opened in browser, when new leads arrived, they will appear instantly (via Ajax) + a new sound will play + a flashy pop-up will appear.
Apart from on-page alert, you can get notifications via email + (MOST IMPORTANT) via iPhone/Android/WP push notifications!

Also, you have Boss Notification (if you have sales agents that don’t grab or follow up leads properly, you’ll get notified via email if a lead is not answered in a specific amount of time you set).



These are pretty selfdescriptive. 🙂

Now some tests are required, to see that everything is ok.


Step 3. Connect Sales Agents’ mobile devices to your site

You put everybody from the sales team to install the 59sec mobile apps from AppStore or Google Play.

Under notification tab, you will get a Secret Key (aprox 32 chars, alpha numeric). Insert this key on the mobile app (either by hand, either with copy-paste), to connect the app to your site.


Step 2. Go and write something in the contact forms.


That’s it! You can start testing it on your own server :).

Don’t forget to train your agents what to do, if you want awesome results with 59sec!

If you have ANY questions or need for help, we are here for you. FREE, UNLIMITED SUPPORT!



59sec iPhone App does just one thing: sends you push notifications on your iPhone when you have a new lead. And it does it in style, with a cash register jingle. 🙂

So, each time you hear a cash register jingle on your phone, you know that another potential client with money in the pocket waits for you to take his money and transform him/her into a fan (if you respond quickly).

How the “Alerts” notifications look like on unlocked iPhone:

Clicking “Launch” will take you to the Unanswered Leads Tab of the 59sec mobile app.



And “Alerts” notification looks on a locked iPhone

If you unlock the screen, you will see that the 59sec app has a red circle with number “1” in it. Meaning you have work to do 🙂



How the iPhone app looks like when opened the first time the app – this is the “Settings Page”:

Settings page.

This is how the settings page looks like after you already entered the Secret Keys from several different sites (if you are an entrepreneur, most probably you will use this :))


Leads Page

Here you can see all the unanswered leads from all your monitored sites you have.
Click on a link and the leads tab from that site will load, so you can grab the leads.
The refresh is done when you enter on this tab + couple of seconds delay.


Push Notification Alert Type

Apart from the jingle, you also get a vibrate alert + a notification. The default notification is Banner type (that is small, last just a few seconds, then disappears.
We STRONGLY suggest to change the notification type from iPhone settings, from “Banners” to “Alerts”. Why? To make sure you are not missing an important lead!

Switch Notifications from Banners to Alerts

Switch Notifications from Banners to Alerts






59sec android app

The 59sec Android App works similar with the iPhone app, with just a few small differences.

The purpose is the same: deliver fast push notifications with the new leads generated by your site.

It has the nice cash register jingle + you get the upper left icon saying you have a notification from 59sec. No pop-up for now (we are working on it).

59sec android app notification

59sec Android App Notification – upper left corner

How the 59sec Android app looks like on various resolutions

Android Resolutions

Android Resolutions

59sec Awards