Hello PPC Agencies!

"It's Your Fault"

checkboxAre some of your clients telling you: “The leads you generate SUCKS.”?
checkboxAre you pissed off because this happens due their poor quality sales force?
Because they call the clients LATE or NEVER? Because they do NOT do lead nurturing?





You should REALLY ask your clients to use 59sec TOGETHER with your PPC services.








This way, you will NEVER have to worry again. Because, next time they will complain that your traffic quality, you just have to tell them (using a more politically correct language):

“Look at the 59sec stats. Your average response time to leads is 3+ hours. X% of the leads are never answered. This is VERY bad for your company.
– The brand image is trashed, because your people answer too late.
– Potential clients are quitting.
– Answering late allows potential clients to ask for more offers from competitors. Most probably they will buy from those that answer faster than you:(.

Make your sales agents answer under 59 seconds and bug us about the lead quality then :)”.

And you can show them this study, done by MIT and Kellogg and published in Forbes


Did we mention that…

If a lead is not answered by your client sales force in due time, you can get a notification via email, so you can call the sales manager or the marketing manager and tell them: “Hey, your sales team is unable to take a lead in 10 minutes. There is a problem there with the team. Go solve it, because we are wasting money, clients, brand image and others…!

Why a PPC Agency should work with 59sec?

checkboxYour work won’t be screwed up by your clients’ sales agents poor execution.

checkboxYour PPC clients will be happy of your great services. Their conversion rate will BOOST! More money for them, more money for you.

checkboxYou’ll get a lot a positive feedback from the client and word-2-mouth in the market.

checkboxIf a client will stop using you because their sales team is poor, they will ALWAYS put the blame on your poor quality leads, not on themselves. Also, they will spread this bad rumor in the market. Using 59sec will stop this and force them to do the right thing – answer leads under 59seconds!

checkboxYou, as a PPC agency, will get a very nice offer from our side. Just contact us for more details.

checkboxFor the client is VERY easy and fast to implement and learn how to use 59sec. And, most importantly, it pays off big time! For everybody!

checkboxMany other benefits for using 59sec here

59sec + PPC Agencies = LOVE


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