59sec Training for Sales Managers

bossHello Boss/Sales Manager/Company owner/PPC Agency Account Manager!

Here you’ll learn how to use 59sec at its fullest, to make more money and more brand image.

IMPORTANT!!! It’s up to you to make sure that the procedures are respected by your sales agents. Like any great weapon, if it’s not used properly, it’s for nothing.

 If you are Sales Agent, click here for your simplified 5 minutes training!

Sales Managers Training

Part I. Installation of 59sec on the server

Step 1. You need to install the 59sec on your server. If you are a techie, you can do it by yourself pretty easy, following the instructions here. If you are not a techie, call us to help you install it for free.

Part II. Setting up the 59sec service.

Anyway, you should be involved in setting up the service on the 59sec back-end. Here are some things you should take care of:

  • set up “boss notification”. Specify duration until you will be notified, plus the email where you will receive notification. For example, to receive email notification that your sales team could not grab a lead in 600 seconds…
  • set up alert days and hours. If you don’t want for you and your team to receive push notifications at 4 a.m., you should set this.
  • set up TEAMS feature. Only some specific sales agents to receive some specific notifications. For example, New-York agents to receive New-York leads, not Florida leads. Florida team should receive Florida leads.
  • set up or not “Take mandatory oldest lead first”. This will deter sales agents to cut corners. They will see all leads in the list, but they have to grab them FIFO (First In First Out)

 Part III. Setting up 59sec on mobile devices (Duration: 3 minutes!)

Step 1. Install the 59sec iPhone/Android App to get notifications on your mobile phone. (Duration: 1 minute)

59sec on AppStore 59sec on Google Play


Step 2. Insert your Secret Key into the mobile app. You can find your secret key in the 59sec back-end, under USERS tab. Make sure that your user has administrative rights (the check-box is ticked). If it’s not, that user has Sales Agent capabilities, so it will not have access to many sections of the 59sec.
This is where you insert the Secret Key:

Where to introduce the secret key

This is how a real Secret Key looks like:


Because is alpha-numeric and long and complicated, maybe is a good idea to copy-paste it, in order to avoid typos. If the key is entered correct, you will get a green success message, announcing you that your app is now connected with your site.


Step 3 (only for iOS users). (Duration: 1 minute)
Go to iPhone Settings tab (NOT the 59sec Settings). There, search for Notifications category, and then search for 59sec app. You should change the default Banner alert style to Alerts. See below.

Switch Notifications from Banners to Alerts

Switch Notifications from Banners to Alerts

Here is also a video explaining the above steps:

 Part IV. Usage Training (Duration: 2 minutes)

You have to test 59sec before telling your sales agents to do it, to understand it’s features better.

Step 1. When a new lead will be generated, you will be notified almost instantly through sound (a cash register jingle), vibration and a push notification.



Step 2. As soon as you can, open the 59sec mobile app and click “LEADS” tab. Also, if you are in the front of a computer, you can login in the 59sec back-end and click LEADS from there…



Step 3. In a few seconds, the LEADS tab will display all unanswered leads in real time, oldest one first. You will see the details of the lead. Click ASAP the green “Grab” button.
The lead will disappear from the “Unanswered leads” from your fellows sales managers (to avoid duplication). Also the counter will stop (number of seconds since lead generation and lead grabbing will remain fixed)

iPhone grab


Step 4. Once you see that the lead is yours, call the client IMMEDIATELY. Even if it takes 1 week to make him the offer, you must call the potential client right away, to impress him and to demonstrate that you are on top of things. Do your magic on the phone and try to push for the sale!



Step 6. After the call is done, your lead is colored in red and it resides in 59sec CRM tab. Here you can write a status, assign a tag, nurture the lead forward.



Step 7. From time to time, is good to go to the “Statistics” tab, either from phone, tablet or from computer. You can compare with the other fellows sales agents/respondents.



Part V. Bring Your Sales Team on Board

Step 1. Create users for your sales team.

Go to wordpress 59sec back-end, in the left column, USERS/ ADD NEW…

How to create a new user

And you should add a new SUBSCRIBER user for each of the sales agents. Attention, if you give ADMINISTRATOR privileges to sales agents, they could mess up the site!

Immediately after you create the user, in the 59sec USERS tab, a new Secret Key was created. Take that secret key and send it to your sales agent, to install the 59sec on his mobile devices.

IMPORTANT: When a sales agent leaves the company, you should go here, click on “All Users” and delete the user of that sales agent. If you don’t, he will continue to receive the leads after leaving the company.


Step 2. Train your sales agents with the famous 5 minutes Sales Agents training, available here (https://www.59sec.com/59sec-training-sales-agents/). Also, make some tests, for them to get use to 59sec.


Make sure your sales agents GRAB the lead and then call the lead. You need to measure the response time in order to improve it. This is CRITICAL for the perfect usage of 59sec.

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