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(for Sales and Support Teams)



... to be SUPER FAST?

"Answering a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes means 21x more chances to close the sale."

Sales Response Rates

- Calling a potential client under 59 seconds clearly EXCEEDS expectations.
- It generates WOW Factor and can convert the lead instantly.
- It deters the potential client to ask for more offers from competitors. ;)

... to NEVER QUIT?

"Only 10% of sales people make more than three follow ups. But only 5% of sales are made in the first 3 follow-ups!"

Sales Statistics

- If an agent will not grab a fresh lead fast, even after 2 reminders, the boss will receive "Boss Notification" in 30 minutes.
- If an agent does not follow-up a prospect already contacted when he supposed to, again the boss will be notified. No matter what, the 59sec procedure keeps the agents sharp!


with 2 awesome features:

See how it works


- Boosting conversion rates
- WOW factor for clients
- Differentiation versus competitors
- Coolest notifications:)

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“59sec gives us an edge on competition. [...] Highly recommended.”5stars

Adrian Stanescu
Adrian Stanescu, Managing Partner @ Mats
59sec - Grab a lead!

What is 59sec?

59sec is an awesome monthly service that super-accelerates the lead response time of your sales agents under 59 seconds, boosting conversion rate.

59sec has 2 components:
Mobile apps (for the company's on-the-go sales agents) + a back-end in cloud (for call-center). It integrates with your site in minutes and we offer FULL support.


Important: 59sec ENTERPRISE can be integrated with any CRM via our API.

“Great idea, it brings real value to your business, once you have it all your sales leads become customers. ”5stars

Sebastian Stefan
Sebastian Stefan, Leader @ LoadMe and CEO @ GifterGrouper

How it works?

“I’m exceptionally pleased with the results and just wanted to say thank you so much for a great tool!”5stars

Elian I
Elian I. - Project Manager, BSL Group, Italy

Who should use 59sec?

- Any company that receives online leads or questions leading to sales
- Any company that wants a stronger differentiation point versus competition
- PPC agencies (to help their clients convert more leads)
- Marketplaces that needs to force their users to answer fast (or answer at all :) ).

STOP losing conversions and
START getting WOWs from your clients!

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“59sec application brought us a real benefit in communication and in the development of our business. We find this application absolutely mandatory.”5stars

Serban Popa
Serban Popa – CEO MOSA

10 Features Of 59sec!

  • Mobile push notifications when you have new leads
  • Cross platform and cross device - Phone, tablet, desktop
  • Response time tracking (how fast your agents are calling the lead)
  • Teams: only specific users get specific notifications
  • Mega inspirational notification sound (when you have new clients)
  • Leads are taken from contact forms and emails
  • Statistics & Charts (per user, in time, per status, etc)
  • Work hours: don’t receive push notifications at 3 A.M. :)
  • Boss Notifications (you’ll know when your team fails to answer fast)
  • Integration with existing CRM! ...
More cool features here...

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“Super cool this application, 59sec![...] I like it very much, it helps me a lot and I recommend to anybody wants to sell better.”5stars

Zoltan Lorencz
Zoltan Lorencz – The most famous photographer in Romania, aka “The VIP’s photographer

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  • Benefit of our low promotional beta price! Only $59/mo!
  • WOW factor for all your clients/potential clients!
  • The ONLY product of this kind on the global market!
  • Your sales conversions will BOOST!

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