59sec LITE – Contact Form 7 Push notifications

We launched a LITE version of 59sec service, with only one big feature (comparing with 59sec PRO awesome monthly service): Contact Form 7 Push Notification.

59sec LITE

It works for Android devices and for iOS devices.

How can you use 59sec LITE – Contact Form 7 Push Notifications WordPress Plugin:

1. Buy the app from here: http://codecanyon.net/item/59sec-lite-contact-form-7-push-notifications/7774559. Install it on your site, just like any other wordpress plugin.

2. Specify the Contact Form 7 you want to use to receive notifications

3. Install your 59sec app on your mobile. You can download it from here:

59sec on AppStore
59sec on Google Play

4. Connect the 59sec LITE mobile app to your site. Use the Secret Key provided under “Notifications” tab!

59sec LITE Features

  • Entry Sources:
  • Notifications:
    • iOS and Android push notifications
  • Take users to LEADS section directly when logging into WordPress. (makes answering faster)
  • Users: bosses.
  • Statistics: last 30 days, per agent, per type of status
  • Leads to be answered
    • counter for each lead from generation until it is being grabbed (to track response time)
  • CRM
    • time taken for each lead
    • lead date
    • agent who grabbed the lead
    • lead content
    • status selector
    • comments editor

Buy 59sec LITE!

Enjoy 🙂

Questions? Let us know here.

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